Weaning Time & Real Important Issues

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Buyers want more history and want preconditioned cattle with insidents of health stealing profit what causes a major impact per calf as much as the first milk is what happens at weaning time or what does not happen. Maybe the buyer won't pay more; but you can be sure he will pay less if he sees anything that can effect his profits. Sick calves and unweaned calves are costly problems. The buyer may have a vacination program but if you vacinate at weaning time by the time the calf is at the sale the buyer can vacinate again insuring he has them covered. We have been doing Ultrabac 8 & Enforce 3 but each area may have other requirements. We worm with pour-on and use different brands to insure we do not develope parasitic immunity.
Low Stress Weaning Low stress weaning or fenceline weaning has now several studies supporting improved health & weight gain not loss and lower incidence of respiratory diseases. To wean and background even short periods, fenceline weaning should be considered per Price, etal.2003. Calf & dam has reduced stress and less separation negative effects. J Anim Sci. 81:116-121. Evaluation starts with elimination risk factors. Antibiotic treatments are necessary some times but any treatment needs to be in a record or in notebook you can provide to the sales barn or separate and sell with others that have been given antibotics. No drugs does not mean no vacinations & now worming.

Right now providing records showing what you have done to properly care for your cattle is not required but may be costing you money. Good health may be an important inherited trait so pocket notebook or computer or smart phone keep notes.

A lot has been said about the impact of performance, growth and genetics. Feedlots hit record large carcass weights of 919 poundsin 2015, but in the future they will be reasonable sizes and they now understand that it cost a lot more to feed those big animals. It was reported a record in live weight steer was 1900 pound. Even cheap feed did not put profit in those big animals as too much waste and it costs more to put on fat than muscle.

We are being impacted by a lot of cheap imported beef because the dollar is strong is what we are being told.

Use your browser back or arrow to return if you enlarge any pictures. When we first got into this breed I did not expect any bad tits or bad Udders that was not realistic as all breeds have some of those problems and it is more common in older cows as like all things the udder breaksdown. Use the back button or arrow to return to previous page please. Links will be added soon. Red Poll COWS Bulls For Sale More about Red Poll Cattle email us for more info please sent mail to redpollcattle@yahoo.com

Poor Temperament Culling

Weaning time is the first time you get to see calves in confinement and as you work the little critters you get to make note of any real wild or exciteable calves. If the mother was calm and easy to handle it is even more important to watch for those headsup kind or the one that breaks from the group. Look for thickness, feet, legs, size elements and be sure you have birth dates and information on age of dam so you are not making a decision on visual results only. The biggest is not the most important what is important is size & weight per day of Age along with soundness, uniformity and general stucture or eye appeal. Now is the time to look at feet and legs amd even hoof condition or health.

Western rangeland can be rocky and dry or real wet for long periods and good feet and legs is a requirement. Culling has to include hoof and feet in the west. Replacment females must include what makes a good beef range cow.

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contact us at redpollcattle (@) yahoo.com for more about Red Poll Cows

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