Beef Cow Udder & Tits Size an Utterly Important Issue

Beef cattle need to evaluate and cull for mastitis as it steals 9.6% or causes a 31.43 impact per calf with only one dry quarter.

Mastitis is not just a dairy cattle problem, when one dry quarter reduces calf weight 50-60 pounds. Read all about it at:

Udder characteristic traits impact on survival is avoidable. Evaluation starts with elimination of "funnel-shaped" teats and "pendulous" broken udders with poor suspension and animals with chronic mastitis. Antibotic treatments may be a good treatment, but culling cattle which have dry quarters is generally the best option. (Evaluation System is being developed.) Besides performance and growth impacts or lost dollars, poor udders impact newborn calf's passive immunity. Most absorbtion of colostrum occurs in the first six hours after birth, so big or funnel shaped or pendulous udder (bag) makes it harder for a newborn to nurse. Research now shows the importance of passive immunity in some statistics from Clay Center, Nebraska. Calves with inadequate passive immunity had a 5.4 times greater risk of death prior to weaning, 6.4 times greater risk of being sick during the first 28 days of life, and 3.2 times greater risk of being sick prior to weaning compared to calves with adequate passive immunity. Calf health is impacted in weight loss and thus daily gain.

Bad weather or a hard delivery, first calf heifers, and lack of prompt nursing reduces the "bonding" and overall lifetime health of the calf. Colorado State has done extensive studies on antibodies in the blood of calves and absorption and is developing lifetime identification, vertical integrated alliances, for organic markets need calves with heighly developed disease immunity. Ranchers needs managment factors that enhance the development of strong passive immunity, which is what is making opportunities for small breeders, and helping forward thinking rancher prepare for value added marketing. What does this have to do with Red Poll Cattle?
Everything they are one of the only beef cattle that have been judge for quality of teats, suspension, quantity, quality, and they make a rich milk like goats that people and infants are not allergic reaction to it even when allergic to regular cow's milk.

New Passive Immune Status & long-term Health:
What happens in the first 24 hours impacts the calf for all of its life. USDA station Clay Center monitored health & growth performance in range beef calves taking samples at 24 hours after calving on 263 crossbred calves to determine passive maternal immunity obtained from colostrum. First milk produced by cow at birth classified as Adequate or Inadequate. Growth performance and health events provided the following initial conclusions that lowest levels of passive immunity increaste the risk of sickness, death and increased risk even when in the feedlot. Any sickness in first 28 days of life was associated with a 35 pound lower expected weaning weight and respiratory disease in the feedlot resulting in a .09 lb lower expected average daily gain. This factor showsproviding natural or commercial colostrum replacer to calves that do not receive it in adequate quantiti4es on their own in first six hours has a life long impact. Another case for insuring the udder and tits are appropriate for the calf to nurse and if a heifer providing supplement colostrum is important management practice. Use back arrow or button to return to home page. Or go on to more Real Udder issues Real Udder Nonsense uncondensed rant about the utter importance of culling for bad bags & tits. Our raised herd sires were created by inseminating cows or heifers from cows that had acceptable tits & udder. We cull when we get udders with uneven quarters or tits a calf avoids. We are developing scoring and notes to help eliminate big tits and bags that hang to low and are too large. Our reference sires include bulls we purchased or had no information on dams; so have had to cull for some unacceptable to our program udder traits.
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