Mature - Proven - Cos:

Do it all on their own - good calvers & good mothers & excellent calves: Age8-9 Reference Sires:
RR Rocky back to MM (MM HOPE & Hoosier Land Marcus - see Mohler story at ARPA). RR Rocky Tag 73R Excellent disposition & calving easy.

RR Jethro (AUssie - McMarshall sire & our Quickstop growth sire & old Wiese breeding)Tag411 - Growth & Disposition & Mothering
RR Reign & Power Hawk (top 1% feed efficient) Feed Efficiency & moderate frame & uniformity & Health & Vigor
711 Quickstop top 2% feed efficiency Pfizer tested & calm

Our foundation stock was Wiese, Shuter, back to Marden & McMarshall & foundation sires.

Use the provided Registration # to look up petigree on American Red Poll Association site & see all there all progency of cows or our reference sires. These cows have calved every year & produced calves from age 2 or they were not kept in our program. All calving on their own within 1/2 hour has been typical with few exceptions (see -1).

Cow 53AUS #212298 AI S.R AUSSIE Import with heifer (gimp leg)pasture to junior 72M. $3500.

After calf weaned without calf $3000.00. Age 5. Large frame not a hairy bag.

**Cow 31AUS #212296 with heifer by 73R with her heifer born 5/8/16 pasture bred by 403A. $2500. Age 5.
After calf weaned without calf $1800.

Cow 713P #212303 with new 73R Rocky heifter calf. Not a hairy bag good mother for 2017 due June. Age 5.
Very easy to like cow not her fault she was late; fertile will pick up easy. $2300.00. Be o.k. if just her & her calf & her people. She does not like dogs or dog like critters otherwise friendly.

*Cow 77 #212325 with calf. Like above good mother. Age 5 $2300. friendly.

Cow 79Q #212325 without her calf. She is available in September again bred to 73R for 2017. Age 4.

Cow 4/709 Reg# 209933 with heifer calf out of 411 Jethro born 3/11 Cow Reg. #209933 8 yr old $2700.

*After calf weaned cow pasture bred to senior herd sire RR Rocky will be for sale at $2000 Age 8. Good.

Cow 3/403 with steer born 3/5 sire 411 Jethro #209934 8 yr old $2800. Automatic.

After calf weaned cow pasture bred to senior herd sire RR Rocky will be for sale at $2000 Age 8.

Cow 3/402 #209935 with her 411 her heifer $2800. Age 8. Same as above *. $2000. Age 8. Friendly.

Cow 30 210700with her heifer out of 73R $2800. Same as above *. $2000. Age 7. O.K.

Cow 7 #210706 with her heifer out of 73R $2800. Same as above *. $2000. Age 7. O.K.

Cow 2c with a heifer calf out of Rock 73R born 3/9 cow Reg. #211380 6 yr old $2900. Age 6.

First calf was a hard delivery; no problems since. After calf weaned cow only for sale & was pasture bred by senior herd sire RR Rocky for sale cow only $2000. (-1)

**Cow 55 #211381 with her 411 Jethro heifer calf born 3/28/16 good bag not hairy. $2800. Age 6.
After calf weaned pasture bred to senior herd sire RR Rocky for sale cow only $2000.

Cow 402c bred $1400 after wean her calf pasture exposed to Junior sire 403A her Reg #207113 Age 12.
Could produce a few more calves in a non range enviroment. All offered as aged are easy to handle & herd & work with even if not rope broke. Not a hairy bag. While some do not like this inherited trait it is preferred to larger hairless bags that can sunburn, get attacked by bugs; that have no protection from brush & scraps such as from thisles & branches & brambles. (-2)

Cow 403 with her 3/25 heifer sire 411 her Reg #207114 12 yr old (hairy bag) but still excellent. $2800. Without her heifer $1600.

Cow 70 bred to Junior 403A. Would sell to right home as she is still of great value in her protective, sound the alarm "there is trouble in the cow yard" behavior includes leads to the problem. Her bag & tits if not nursed become too large quick & she can require a milking or two. Can put another calf on; but must tie her foot. She is lockup & rope broke. Often will let you wash her bag & milk her if she trusts you without rope on her foot in lockup or head tied. Follows when called, loves garden scraps. Was put out on range this year with a spunky aggressive eater bull calf; but that is not always the case. Age 11.

Raised 2 herd sires for us. Easy to handle. Same price as above cow.

Cow 53 #53AUS McMarshall sired x S53 Annie (at SVF)#212298 with 3/9 heifer sire 411 - $3500.

Cows in good condition young all registered sell list: ** above good mother T31 sire by 373 McMarshall 3- yr old calved 73R Heifer 6-2 rebred due May 2017

Another excellent mother as was:

**Cow 77 3yr old white tag calved on own out on range last year due May-June $1700; she too raised good calf in drought year we kept her 1st hiefer as replacement. Friendly cow.

Young Cow can be registered T42 with heifer born 3/39 out of Rock 73 - Pair with papers SOLD.

Second Calf heifers Registered 3 year olds Blue Tags:
BT* 403A #213222 bred by 72M for 2017. With her March steer before August $2700. In Fall $2000.00.

BT+ 425A #213223 " " 403A for 2017 " her heifer calf before August $2700. Cow only $2200.00.
BT+ 33 #213224 with new calf $2700.00

** 710 #213226 bred for calving in fall. $2200.00 bred by bull 73R.

** 3/402 #213220 bred to 72M for 2017 April - May she sells with her Late May born steer $2500.00.
or without her steer price $2200.
Smaller frame but calved on own 1st & 2nd & calved out on rangeland. Good Bag not hairy.

First calf heifers can be registered:

T426 night calver lost calf. Sold ** T770 night calver lost calf. AI Oxley. Then to RR Rocky pasture exposed

* T423H after steer sold 3/22 very calm, good bag & a baby sitter.
- 7A with her April born heifer calf $2700.00.
* 770 AI Oly then with 73R $1800.00

Bred heifers: 141R % F1 limo bred by 72M $2000.00

700R Fullblood bred 72M $2000.00.

7161M Fullblood bred 72MN $2000.00. Linebred.

07A Fullblood bred by 73R pasture.

Calves:3/05 MIG Jethro Son STEERS 4/22 423P 73R RR Rocky Son 3-43 3/05/16 3/26 70R 73R Son 424 3/10/16 3/5 CD 73R) Son 342R 3/13/16 Vet.1st H 1/2 Main - Anthony feb CD2M 3/18/16 6/19 3/402R (bull to be steered.(43x) 423H 3/22/16 811 3/22/16 Heifer Calves: (16) 713PR 7/18/16 new born on range 341J 3/26/16 541R - 5/25/16 55J 3/28/16 425A - 6/28/16 403J 4/04/16 31R - 5/8/16 402C 4/08/16 223R - 4/14/16 79J 4/22/16 312R - 4/13/16 716R 4/22/16 7J - 4/04/16 J403S 3/30/16 403J - 3/25/16 7R - 3/24/16 3/402R 3/13/16 81 M 3/12/16 4/709M 3/11/16 2C3 R 3/09/16 532 M 3/07/16 32 R 3/01/16 LATE Calvers 33 (43x) w/ calf ???
77 calf ??
*** 710R (43x)
Note Power Hawk cross was in top 1% feed for feed efficiency. Moderate Frame AI sire
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