Our Herd Sires 2015
Red Poll Registered Beef Bulls:

Jethro & RR Rocky for 2015 & 2016
Bull & Heifer Calves available starting in fall 2015

Herd Sire: Jethro, sired by an export Aussie bull. We are finding his calf birth weight average and bull calves have been 80 pounds consistently. While limited numbers his largest to date calf was 85 and smallest was 76 pounds on cows. This suggests some calving ease potential and so far we have not assisted birthing any of his calves and will use him on some heifers this year.

Herd Sire: RR Rocky, son of MM The Rock was used on our 2013 heifers and a few cows as to be a calving ease bull; so far he has produced an 89 pound bull calf out of a cow and an 80 pound bull out of a heifer. His calving easy average may be because he is producing many more heifer calves than bulls. The largest heifer so far was 85# out of a cow & 80 pound calf out of one heifer; most of his heifers have been tiny one as light as 50 pounds. He has several nice bull calves we will have for sale.

S1 / Artic Snowy Ridger son of Aussie Snowy River bull has produced some of our most consistent is growth and uniformity and he was tested in top 1% for feed efficiency. We are retaining a number of his daughters and have a few of his bull calves for sale in fall.

Sires not in current use but in our bloodlines are our reference sires they are:

REG # 207547 Born 02/24/05 Flame's Power BW 80 - Actual Weight BW 79# Real Actual
Actual WN WT: 705 Actual YG WT 1056
a Red Poll Bull Reg. no. 207547 Flame's Power

Note the registration numbers allows you to look up current EPDs and pedigrees on American Red Poll Association's website. We will be adding all registration numbers.
Example we purchased and used this bull from Wiese:
WFB-Andrew EPDs BW 1.7 WW 12 YG 19 P M 5 MG 11
Reg. No. 206450
WFB Saul BW 2.1 WN 7 YG 3 MG 6 (Sire of Prospector)A moderate frame like his sire.
No. 206426
We have semen for sale from Quickstop 711
We are pleased to offer his semen for those who wish to add feed efficiency (Top 2%), palatability & good disposition to a good growth in moderate frame.
Semen available on Quickstop 711 Reg. No. 210707
Born 03/24/09 - Quickstop 711, son of Andrew LA309 bred to our Flame's Petunia Actual birth weight of 78 lbs.
Note EPD indicates 1.9; that is I beleive because we have been focusing on moderate birth rates and have a number of heifers and calving ease bulls in our bloodlines.

EPD BW 1.9 WW 25 MM 7 MG 19 YW 58
His first calves out of heifers:
65# 68# 72# 75#.

Genetic testing indicates his genes test true to good feed efficiency top 2% of tested at time and very acceptable meat quality.

His EPDs are very good and are a useful tool within herd. Actual weight is more predictive and he has been consistent. As our 2011 Senior he was impressive and has important genetic traits that are highly inherited.
Line breeding did produce larger birth weights we did not want. Use him as an outcross.
Pictured as a Two Year Old Herd Sire:
Quickstop - 711 reg/ no. 210707

PDF file still on our old website linked here if you go there use your back button to return here or go to Red Poll Association site use his Reg. No. above to look up his current EPDs.
Quickstop 711's Registration is PDF may take time to open
Did you know you can go to the Red Poll Site and look up EPDs of cows and bulls? And you can get estimated EPDs on matings?
We did genetic testing using Genstar from Pfizer Animal Health. Results in 5/01/2009 Quickstop - 711 was our best bull ever was calm, correct with excellent feed efficient 2% and acceptable growth and EPDs.
Note in test 711 was in the top 2% across all breeds for feed efficiency. Registration and offspring add proof to the EPDs and the 54 panel test. This is no substitution for testing and recording progency.

Red Poll bull tested in top 2% for feed efficiency Quickstop a bull that will adds thickness, uniformity, growth and feed efficiency for an affordable price. Straw price does not include shipping or handling.

Tag 43 Power Hawk 2011 Junior Herd Sire for calving ease, feed efficiency & maternal traits Top 1% for feed efficiency across all breeds tested Tested in top 1% for feed efficiency - an outier named Power Hawk his MVP -2.58
Power Hawk was used on heifers as a yearling; but is not a heifer bull. Semen available for commercial recommend for cows only to produce feed efficient females. Tag 43 Junior Herd Sire in 2011 2012 Spring calves 2011Spring Red Poll calves

Try visiting American Red Poll Association at see redpollusa.com
ARPA a place to check current events and read the Newsletter.
Realize EPDs are most useful within herd. It takes numbers, quantity for accurate across herd EPDs.
The addition of a single animal can effect data. Meaningful within herd from commercial sources most helpful.
A commercial herd with 100s of heifers was using MM The Rock bull and he was producing fewer larger than 80 pound calves compared to several of the other Red Poll bulls being used. We gave him a try.
Whether or not this indicates more heifers able to calve on their own will be soon posted as we did select a cow that has had three calves that had an average of 70 pounds.
We keep track of all calving and we want a calf born to a cow or a heifer to be unassisted and we record birth weight and time.

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Why Red Poll now? There seems to be even more reasons to consider this breed. What are we trying to make? A steak like this is perfection It takes excellent grass to finish a steer on grass and it takes a steer with tenderness genetics and finish on grass genetics to do it in most areas."
grass fed steak Grass fed

Good enough for the Queen? She has been eating Red Poll for her whole life.
Red Poll Bull with a Red Poll Cow
Poll Bull and a young Cow

Our junior herd sires in 2015 & in to 2016 have genetic potential for even better feed efficiency, a lighter birth weights and good temperment and good EPDs. Calves due in 2015 sired by son of MCM 411 with 711 dam he has with growth and thickness.
Our 2014 heifers were breed to an MM Rock son 73 RR Rocky. Pictures soon.

Reference Sires included here for review of bloodlines of cows in our breeding program:

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Our Reference Guide in PDF of herd sires is coming soon.