Frontier American Family Cow

Frontier American Family Milk Cow - Little Red Poll Cow is a North America Heritage Breed once a Dual Purpose Frontier Necessity The little Red Poll Cow was important to early settlers. She was small, efficient yet strong enough for the long trail trip across the prairie & across western grasslands into the mountains and beyond. She had the ability to raise a calf while providing a family with enough rich milk to make butter and cheese (milk that even a baby allergic to milk could drink). These traits made her valuable to many farmsteads. Her docile strong sons, bullocks, became oxen that pulled wagons, then pulled the plows! (more links will be added history)
These cattle are to be small to moderate size.
Producers were told to "Make those cattle bigger" then "Make them longer, thicker"
Then "must have bigger ribeye & better feedlot gain."
Some early producers crossed them but maybe it's time we get back to smaller more efficient animals with volume able to forage on poor quality grasses?
Red Poll Cows small to moderate rare heritage breed may have a future as more producers select the type & size that fits their situation as we did looking for moderate size that can work in our situation. Scabland is not much good for anything other than rangeland uses. (Some Red Poll bloodlines we discovered carry large frames & large birth weights from thoes early producer's cross breeding efforts. This could be left over from crossing to trying to fit the commercial grid of that time or just by selection for larger frame as a producer preference.) Some bloodlines may be too small to fit current commercial grid, but are perfectfor a small farmstead. Watch the frame score of the animal and its gene pool is critical part of selection using bloodlines available currently. It has been shown that too large of framed animals may not be able to stay in condition, rebred, support themselves as well as raise a calf in some environments. A result of early attempts at trying to get the kind of cow the market was demanding, selection criteria has created some unacceptable to some traits in some bloodlines.

Red Poll are strong in highly inherited traits.

Red Poll cattle generally are gentle or docile, easy fleshing, efficient with a tenderness genes and provides for better finishing on grass. All of these traits are highly inherited. (It is known "hot heads do not do as well in feedlots and have more health problems.)
Red Poll have the potential to improve disposition.
Some crossbreeding has been done so if a bad ones shows up cull the cow. Realize this is an old breed scare them and they will stampede. Calm and quiet handling is best handling. Slow down they are slow cyclers.
Red Poll "calms 'em down" which "Improves Handling Time" while involved with humane handling even a calm animal can be pushed into fearful, flight or fight behaviors.
Grass fed cattle have more health benefits. Eating healthy grass fed beef has many benefits a link will be added here to examples of benefits. Link coming. Red Poll "Remove Horns" so labor is saved and no stress to calf which dehorning is significant. "Most bloodlines can reduce frame further improve as there is a more efficient size" "Produce Quality Grass Fed Wholesome Beef." We are hearing more about economic lose because of bad udders in all breeds; with a dairy influence you should improve milk and udders, but you need to select for beef udder traits when adding Red Poll genetics. Ready for udder nonsense? * uddernonsense
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