Red Poll Beef

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Red Poll is a heritage beef breed that is adding Feed Efficency, Tenderness, Marbling & Finish on Grass Genetics to our program in Pacific Northwest!

Red Poll is a Rare Beef Breed in England and the USA.

Finishing on grass has not been important as most of our cattle have been grain fed in the USA.

Now with interest in healthy grass fed beef it may be a good time for this heritage breed to recover as it was once very popular here.

Red Poll Cattle - Genetics for Sustainable Rangeland & for Conservation Grazing Programs!

Red Poll Cow Calf Pair
Typical Western Rangeland in our area

With red poll steers with tenderness genetics, we improve grade and are able to finish on grass with or without grain.

What can the Red Poll cattle do for you?

Will this heritage beef breed work for you?

If you ansered yes to any of the following consider adding Red Poll Cattle to your breeding program. Contact us at RedPollCattle (at) Yahoo (dot)com.

Raising your own beef?

Do you think grass fed is going to be more important in the future?

Do you have a small ranchette or urban farm?

Looking for easy to handle, calm animals?

Need crossbred that will provide hybred vigor and that has strong inherited traits (real outcross genes with line breeding)including improve uniformity?

Do you want to run more cows, so you have more calves so you get more pounds?
(but can't get more pasture or hay ground.)

Want more pounds, a means to more profit, but you need to do it with what you have in pasture and hay land?
Think you are using more hay every year? (look below to *FACTS to see why you are probably right.)

Did you know DNA testing is available so selection for some traits is possible before you use a sire?

With the genetics for grass finishing and new DNA testing indicators we find some Red Polls have extraordinary feed efficiency. This small to moderate sized beef animal is beginning to make a comeback nationally. Western Rangeland needs this kind of cattle as in many areas just as in the early pioneer times.

Red Poll Herd Sire
Herd sire with Aussie influence at 28 months have a number of his sons for sale in fall

We have found:
(Red Poll Steers gained as a group averaged 2.88 pounds a day weaning to slaughter for one of our steer customers in 2012.)
When a drought pushes grain costs and hay that put more pressure on feedlots.
They have to carry bigger animals longer and bigger is not best when it comes to prime cuts and premiums. Big carcass or heavy weights caused a painful financial crisis 2015 for feedlots & cow calf producers.
There is a number of ways to get to that profit finishline, which for cow calf man is pounds of calf.
We feel only those with extra ordinary efficiency will be able to stay profitable in what is a world ecomomy.

* Facts: Cost Consideration for Cow-Calf Producers: Per D.S. Peel, OSU Livestock Marketing Specialiest Hay production in 2013 reflected slight improvement, it is still smaller than 10 year average. This is still 2nd record lowest hay stock since 1976. In his State hay is just recovering from 2011-12 drought impacts. So, he goes on to discuss interaction between hay requirements, grazing and need for improved managment to achieve savings in annual cow cost of production.

The case for knowing feed cost (pasture & Hay) and in his study using data for 2012 feed cost averaged $487 per cow. Pasture cost averaged $147 per cow and non pasture cost included supplements $340 or 93 cents per cow per day.
The conclusions is easy to see pasture producers have lower total feed costs. This study shows for ten years 2004-2013 per cow Oklahoma was 2.08 ton per cow compared with 1974-1983 where hay per cow was 0.9 ton per cow. This shows an increase of 1.18 tons or 2360 pounds per cow more than double what was the case 35 years ago. The conclusion has several possibilities, one is cows are generally larger and yet this does not explain the doubling of hay use. They have concluded over time more hay is wasted and more hay is being feed to support cows who for whatever reason are not getting enough from what is there to eat. Nothing in this data suggests changing the size of the cow or testing bulls and cows for there feed efficiency; but that will in time be self limiting as being unprofitable is slow death for a producer. The more efficient and appropriate sized cows should allow some of us to stay profitable. We can feed two of these moderate cows what we feed one large framed cow. Its pounds of calf and improved or rapid maturing that will make a difference.

2015 has started out with too strong a dollar and drought expanding in the Southern hermisphere. Grass fed now includes cattle from many South American regions and Country of Origin is not being shared with the consumer; this is impacting all US beef producers. Grass fed does not mean US born and raised anymore than natural means safe. Many small operators cannot be profitable and without COOL ( country of origin labeling ) it is a deceptive practice to offer grass fed without telling customers where the beef came from. Labeling did not ruin the FISH industry. People have the right to know where their beef comes from.

Did you know that The Queen of England has a herd? If it is good enough for the Queen, well that does say more about the eating quality than anything other than a picture.
A picture of a Red Poll finished on grass steak:
Featured in Savior Magazine page 46 in January 2011 - wrote about the steaks.
(be sure to use your back arrow or button to return here if you enlarge the picture and read what Savior said.
Red Poll Beef SteakRed Poll Steers can produced a steak like this on grass without grain. The fat is butter like in Red Poll Steak; they say.

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What happened to Red Poll Cattle? Why is Red Poll Rare?
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Red Poll Austrialian Sired Bull Aussie sired 2 year old Red Poll herd sire

This Little Red Cow was a frontier necessity & now? A Rare Heritage Beef Breed
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Utterly Important Udder

Rodgers Red Poll Cattle
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Cattle for sale & Semen.

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* Weaning Time & Issues
* For Sale 2016
*Soon 4 sale Red Poll Registered & F1 Cattle. Have few yearling heifers for sale, a few proven young bred cows & pairs. On August 1 we will have our senior herd sire three year old son of MM Rock $2500; we used on heifers 2014 & cows in 2015. We are planning to keep his heifer calves and would like to place him. Have one of his sons for sale at $2000 & one son of our Artic Snow pictured above Sire S1. Also, available several mature cows with a few more quality calves. All registered cows & bred & open heifer can be registered. We are making room for the next generation.
For more information on Red Poll, contact us, have a few commercial grade 1/2 red poll pairs and bred cows for sale. Priced at high average commercial price $1500-$2800.